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Poorvi Gupta 

I’ve dipped my toe in various domains, but I always found myself coming back to writing- it’s my calling. 

I think people are stories and that has driven me constantly. 

The reason to start this space is to knit a community of all those likeminded people who want to venture into creating and telling someone's story in any form they love. 



Vidhi Arora

An 80 year old coffee addict stuck in the body of a 20 year something, with a penchant from reading, writing and ranting. 

I try to live my life by a quote from the book Anne of Avonlea by Lucy Montgomery, "Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it". It makes me feel vastly better about the hundreds that I make every day. 



Navya Pandey

Being an architecture student, I’m usually working or having a peaceful sip of coffee. I’m also an art enthusiast and love to paint and curate good art. But my interests vary from understanding the functioning of the universe to baking cakes just for fun.


Deepanshi Narula


A final-year student at the University of Delhi, I can be found reading and writing in peaceful corners of the city. I love visiting historical places and raving about the beautiful architecture and artworks of the pre-colonial eras. In an alternate universe, I hope to befriend Jane Austen and Mary Wollstonecraft. 

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Smriti Chawla 


I am a literature student, a theatre enthusiast, a book nerd, an informal writer, a calligraphy artist, an intermediate baker, and a slightly weird person. I drink water when I’m confused. And I like to live life by rules, just so I can break them.