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Culture & Society

According to popular belief, culture should be specific to one’s region and nation which stands true to an extent but we cannot deny that today culture is not tethered to geographical boundaries. Culture has never been homogeneous and a testament to that is our prolific history of colonization and migration due to war, work or other dynamics. The world today is a global village that brings together what we call, the society. Today, people do not blindly subscribe to the culture that is natively their own but question its norms and pave their way around it, according to their taste. You get the privilege of choosing what you believe in and what you resonate with to form your own niche of culture in this society.

Art by Lokorum

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Art & History

All forms of art, whether literature, music, sculptures, or paintings, act as archives of a society’s collective memory. Art preserves cultures and traditions in a way that exceeds the capabilities of historical records. In a way, it provides first-hand accounts of what it felt to exist in a particular place in history to the people separated through time and space. For some, art has been a revolution, for others art is meditation. What makes history so important is the fact that we are constantly learning from it. Our history shapes our life. It decides the battles we are yet to fight, and the privileges we’re born with. It gives us a reason to advance as a species. It reminds us every day of the problems we’re yet to solve, of the world we’re yet to achieve.

Art by Hannah Perry

Policy & Economics

In an era where the world operates on the dictates of globalisation, where each and every country and individual is connected to the other through the invisible ties of global trade and international relations, we cannot consider a single policy or political decision in isolation or limited to the geographical location of the decision. We live in an ecosystem- in essence, an interactive community of interconnected networks. Our actions (or those of our governments) have far reaching consequences. If we are to learn from others’ mistakes or shape a better future, it is necessary we understand what went wrong, where and why; seeking safety from wars. It is imperative that we understand and be aware of the policies and changing economic structures across the world. 

Art by Anonymous